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Conquering your Inner Critic

The mind is a powerful tool when it comes to training and exercising. With strong mental resilience, we can run that extra mile, lift that extra rep, or swim that final lap. The mind pushes us past our comfort zone and allows us to grow in ways we never knew capable. But what happens when our thoughts no longer serve us in a positive way? What happens when our thoughts suddenly become a burden instead of a motivator? How do we leave more space for brighter moments throughout our day? Here are some self development tips I find are effective on conquering and mastering our Inner Critic and Negative Thought patterns.

The inner critic is known as that voice in our head that makes us constantly critique our actions negatively or leads us to be hyper critical and judgmental about ourselves.

Our inner critic often gets inflated during times of stress, fatigue and uncertainty. This is when negative thoughts get activated and start to flood in. It's important to be aware of when this happens through presence, and to remember that the inner critic is separate from us. They are only thoughts, and do not represent or define the totality of who we are.

Ways of minimizing the voice of our inner critic is to shift our focus from our mind to the body with deep breathing exercises. Recognizing that the inner critic is something that comes and goes similar to clouds passing. Limiting the amount of focus, time and energy we give to a specific thought is key to mastering our inner critic and promote brain healing.

Examples of situational events that can inflate our Inner Critic:

- Losing your keys - Missing a Flight/Lateness - Verbal altercation - Lack of sleep - Stuck in Traffic - Losing a Job - Health Issues - Failing an Exam Etc...

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